Political-Economist.com accepts contributions from academics and other professionals at all levels and affiliations (e.g. Industry, university, think tank, policy unit) and each 7-800 word submission goes through an editorial review process with authors on an individual basis before approval.

We believe that by way of contribution based on your research, we can understand and shape debate and impact policy through robust analysis and sharing knowledge between experts across the globe.

We accept submissions on contemporary economic, business, historical, political, security & IR and societal issues with or without an area studies element. Our posts are search engine optimised and promoted widely through social media channels to ensure quick indexing by search engines and ongoing impact.

Our vision is to have 100,000 subscribers to our website and 10,000 contributorsĀ and to become a trusted global resource for governments, policymakers, journalists and academics with an interest in International Political Economy, political science, economicsĀ and the related fields of interest mentioned.


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